Neutering denotes the process used to ‘de-sex’ an animal. It is important to neuter a dog due to many reasons. Neutering helps in eliminating the chances of developing certain diseases in dogs. The process is also used to control animal population and to reduce unwanted sexual behaviour in animals. In male animals the term castration is used and in females the term spaying is used to refer to the sterilization procedure. In male dogs the testicles are removed while in female dogs the ovaries and the uterus are removed. Performed using surgical incision under general anaesthesia the process is usually done when the dogs are around six months of age. Sometimes as per the direction of veterinarians it can also be done in advance. Canadian Veterinary Clinic, the number one pet clinic in UAE offers comprehensive pet services and consultation. The clinic is specialised for taking care of pets health Dubai and provides professional dog neutering Dubai.

Benefits of neutering a dog

Controlling overpopulation

Timely neutering of dogs can reduce the overpopulation of dogs. Accidental breeding results in many dogs which get abandoned. Without proper safety they may end up sick and die. Sick dogs are also eventually euthanized. There is also no guarantee that the orphaned dogs will get into proper shelter homes. Homeless dogs can also attack humans. The controlling and sheltering of animals incurs huge amount of money. Hence in order to avoid such situations it is always recommended to neuter your dog. It is beneficial to the community as a whole.

Reduces the chance of getting diseases

Neutering can help in lessening the risk of developing diseases. Male dogs have the probability of developing diseases like testicular cancer and tumors, prostatic disease, perianal tumors and hernias. Neutering reduces the chance of developing these kinds of diseases in dogs to an extent. Issue like territorial and sexual aggression can also be kept in control through neutering. Female dogs which are not neutered can develop breast cancer, infections in uterus, uterine and ovarian cancer. Neutering also removes the heat cycle in female dogs and improves the mood swings. Undesirable behaviors of both males and female dogs can be removed through timely neutering. Since neutered dogs are less likely to roam and are less likely to get involved in fights they will not get contagious diseases. They will have a healthy long life.

Cleaner dogs and cleaner home

During heat cycle in female dogs, proper supervision to avoid staining in the house has to be taken care of. Heat cycle of female dogs due to their estrous cycle can be prevented through neutering.

Better and improved behavior

Spayed and neutered animals are often calm and extra affectionate. They display good behavior, temperament and are less likely to bite. They are less likely to roam around and leave your home and breed. Males dogs which are neutered do not show signs of aggressive behavior and does not usually mark a territory by spraying.

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