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Canadian Veterinary Clinic provides highly valuable services for your pets. We’ve worked really hard to streamline our services so that we can offer the highest levels of veterinary care at an affordable price. With Canadian VC you don’t need to compromise on the care of your pet. Every aspect of our business was conceived from the practical, real-world needs of the customers and pets that we see in our clinics every day. We believe that good veterinary treatment is something that everyone should have access to. No other vet offers such high levels of pet care and service for such a great value. If you are looking for a pet clinic in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah then we are there for you.

How Our Pet Clinic in Dubai Takes Care of Your Furry Friends

Many pet owners believe that going to the vet should only be done when their pet is actually ill. While you should always take your pet to a professional vet if you believe they are hurt or ill, our vet also plays a crucial role in preventing your pet from becoming ill in the first place. Most veterinarians provide pet wellness care, often known as preventative care, which has a number of significant advantages. Here are a few benefits of a pet clinic.

1.Protecting your pet against harmful infections

Contrary to popular misconception, vaccinations are not the only aspect of pet wellness care. They do, however, play a significant role in it. Our animals are susceptible to several dangerous infectious illnesses. The way vaccines work is by causing your pet's body to generate antibodies to combat these illnesses.

2.Keeping an eye on your pet's health and welfare

Animals have a natural tendency to hide their weaknesses, including when they're ill and find it difficult to deal with. This behavior is part of an impulse to try to hide any weaknesses that they may have.

Your veterinarian will establish whether your pet has health issues using the facts at hand. Unfavorable patterns of results or symptoms may frequently surface early on before the underlying issue might seriously harm your pet’s body. There are many animal specialist clinic Dubai like Canadian Veterinary Clinic that care for animals and can help your pet stay strong and healthy.

3. Preventing further degeneration and damage and unwanted pain for your pet

Early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of any illnesses will help you avoid expensive, extensive treatment costs and, more importantly, may help you keep your beloved pet's health from suffering significant harm. You might also be able to prevent unpleasant and devastating symptoms from appearing by visiting your nearby pet clinic in Dubai.

Reasons Why We Are the Best Pet & Animal Specialist Clinic Dubai

Here are tips to choose the right pet vet clinic

1. Services of the clinic – there are many pet clinics in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah that promise the best services. Some may offer more wide range of services than others and some handle specific types of pets. It is always best to consider the clinic’s location and services that serve your pet the best.

2. The Vet’s Experience and training – It is crucial to take the vet's expertise, education and training into account when selecting a pet veterinarian facility. An experienced veterinarian is more likely to have dealt with a variety of animals and be more prepared to tackle typical veterinary issues. But not all veterinarians are equally knowledgeable. While some may only have a limited amount of expertise with cats or dogs, others may be well-versed in every area of veterinary medicine. Before making any selections, it is imperative to inquire with your veterinarian about their education and expertise in pet care while looking up animal specialist clinics in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

3. Compare the costs and services offered by various clinics – It is crucial to evaluate costs and the range of services offered while selecting a veterinary clinic. While some clinics may charge less, they might not provide the same level of care as others. Before choosing a clinic, do your homework on each one to be sure your pet will receive the finest treatment available.

4. Services offered and operating times – It is essential to take the facilities and business hours into account while choosing the best veterinary hospital for your pet. While some clinics might have larger facilities that can house more animals, others might only have smaller facilities that are open for a limited time. Make sure to check the schedule of the pet clinic because some can be closed on weekends or national holidays.

5. Choose the Type of Clinic You Want – You will probably have narrowed in a few distinct clinic types in mind when selecting a pet veterinarian facility. Some clinics may focus on tiny animals while others may focus on dogs or cats, some clinics may offer services to dogs, cats, and small animals. To provide your pet with the greatest treatment possible, you must pick the ideal clinic for your requirements.


What services do you offer at your pet specialist clinic?

Our pet clinic in Dubai, Canadian Veterinary Clinic provides all-encompassing care to your pets and the Services include dental care, oral hygiene, general health checkup, neutering spaying, pet grooming, vaccination, microchipping, pet relocation services and X-ray.

How do I make an appointment at your clinic?

To book an appointment, just click on the “Book an Appointment” button at the top right corner of our website, fill in the form and schedule a visit. As the best animal specialist clinic Dubai, you can call us, email us or WhatsApp for more assistance regarding filling the form.

Do you offer emergency services?

Yes, we do. Do call us immediately at our pet clinic in Dubai when you need emergency services, and we will be ready to provide quick medical attention to your pet when you arrive.

What activities are carried out in a veterinary clinic?

As the best pet clinic in Dubai, we can take care of your pets, check their dental health, do a general check up, microchipping, neutering spaying services and generally do all the activities your pets need when they need emergency care too.

Do you require any vaccines or tests before my pet can be seen by the specialist?

Our specialists would check your pet, and then suggest the tests and recommend vaccinations if they have not been taken already.