Pet Grooming in UAE


Pets Grooming

At the Canadian Veterinary clinic, we provide pet grooming in UAE to make pets look and feel their best. Our dedicated team will also be able to consult and check for any underlying disease or conditions to be able to treat them in a timely manner.

We have a wide range of grooming options available, including microchipping, nail clipping, or a full bath and blow dry, so call in for a quick trim or get in touch to make an appointment.

Our dog grooming services take place at our dog day care centre, a canine friendly environment that your four-legged friend will enjoy visiting. You’ll also find it’s easy to arrange and convenient to use:

• Choose the dog grooming package that’s right for your needs
• Make your booking day or night, by phone, online, or by using our handy app
• There’s no need to stay with your dog while he’s being groomed, you can use the time to run errands
• Your dog will be groomed by a qualified and certified animal lover.
• Whether you’re looking for a full grooming service or just a quick wash and brush up, one of our pre-designed grooming packages will suit your needs.

We have a full pet grooming service in UAE offered at our Canadian veterinary clinic for the best grooming experience of the pets. We have trained staff that ensures our pets receive premium treatment which we will customize as per client and pet’s need.

  • Bathing: We know the significance of cleaning after your pet. We have trained our bathing staff to use pet-friendly shampoos and conditioners so that at the end of it all, your dog will be both clean and shiny.
  • Hair Trimming: Our experienced groomers know how to do both full haircuts and trims as well as different styles of grooming specific to the various breeds. We make sure that we provide a comfortable atmosphere to avoid stress for your pet while they are undergoing grooming.
  • Nail Clipping: It is important to keep your pet’s nails trimmed. Delicate and careful trims avoid pain and damage due to too long nails on a little body.
  • Special Treatments: We have special treatments to handle specific grooming concerns. Our clinic offers specialized options for skin conditioning treatments as well as baths that prevent fleas and ticks for keeping your pet cheerful.

Importance Of Regular Grooming for Pet Health and Well-being

  • Skin and Coat Health: It is important to regularly groom your pet as it maintains the clean coat, even out and prevent skin problems.
  • Early Health Detection: Grooming helps the early detection and veterinary care of any lump, bump, or growth out of the ordinary.
  • Nail and Paw Care: By doing regular nail trims, you can avoid pain of your pet and also help him/her continue with normal body movement.
  • Prevention of Matting: The brushing helps to avoid matting, thereby decreasing chances of skin diseases and discomfort.
  • Dental Health: Apart from the above, you can even incorporate certain grooming practices such as teeth brushing that contribute largely in preserving their oral health.
  • Bonding and Trust: Grooming creates a strong connection and trust between pet owners and their dogs while reducing any anxiety.
  • Parasite Control: Grooming helps detect parasites like fleas and ticks in their early stages.
  • Enhanced Physical Comfort: Always ensure that pet is clean and groomed. This provides comfort and happiness during day’s activities.

Pet Care Tips

Apart from professional grooming, we believe in empowering pet owners with valuable care tips:

  • Regular Brushing: Ensure there is frequent combing of their coats to minimize shedding and minimize on matting.
  • Teeth Cleaning: Establish a good dental care for your pet and keep his teeth in great condition. You can also use regular toothbrush cleaning and provision of dental treats to prevent any dental condition.
  • Healthy Diet: Provide balanced diet which prevents your pets’ skin and coat problems.
  • Regular Exercise: Ensure that your pet gets enough physical and mental exercises to keep it active, for a better health of coat as well as general wellness.

Why Choose Us (Canadian Veterinary Clinic in UAE):

Are you looking for Pet grooming in the UAE? Then, you should consider choosing our Canadian Veterinarian clinic where your pets will be pampered and looked after to the highest quality standards:

  • Experienced Grooming Team: Our experienced groomers are professional and gentle with animals, and that’s why they make every grooming pleasant to pets.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our latest grooming equipment combined with high standard services are offered at our clinic for the pet owners in your community.
  • Personalized Care: We know every pet is different. Hence, we provide our grooming services according to the peculiar needs and likings of your pet.
  • Holistic Approach: We are a leading pet grooming clinic in UAE that takes a wholesome perspective towards animal care. Grooming goes beyond appearance that is vital for your pets’ welfare.

If you want to choose a pet grooming service in the UAE, choose our Canadian veterinary clinic for quality treatment for your pet. Call us now at +97126777631 or What’s App us at +971566204446.


Can I feed my dog before grooming?

Regular pet grooming in UAE allows you to discover any underlying diseases or problems early, which means they may be treated more quickly and effectively, and are less likely to have a long-term impact on your pet.

It is not required to feed your pet prior to the appointment of pet grooming in the UAE. Grooming can be a distressing experience for your pet. Grooming a dog is not something that comes naturally to them. During grooming, your pet may become frightened, causing your dog to have shakes or even vomit. As a result, it is recommended that you should not feed your pet prior to grooming.

Should I walk my dog before getting groomed?

There are a number of reasons why your dog could be anxious. Turning grooming from a frightening experience to a pleasurable and gratifying one will be the key to soothing your dog before a session of pet grooming in the UAE.

Making preparations for your pet grooming in the UAE can help to relieve some of the stress. Grooming is an important element of a dog's overall health and longevity. Before you start grooming, take your dog for a walk to release energy and give him time to go potty. Grooming your dog will be easier and more pleasurable if you take him for a walk. This will make grooming much more fun for the dog because he will be more relaxed and peaceful. This can quickly improve your dog's behavior!

Do I need to book an appointment in advance?

Once you have discovered your ideal dog groomer, be sure you can schedule appointments with them again!

Pre-book your dog's next visit to avoid being placed on a long waiting list when you need an appointment for your dog right away. For most dogs, grooming sessions are required every 6–8 weeks. So booking the dog in advance in the following months won't only help you organize a schedule and avoid all matt fur disasters for your pet.

We worked hard at Canadian VC, one of the leading service providers of pet grooming in the UAE, to build strong customer relations and our waiting list can therefore last for a few weeks while trying to accommodate both regular and new customers. Skilled caregivers with long years of expertise and profound insight into canine behavior in the dog grooming profession are hard to come across, so pre-booking is a positive sign that you have discovered a wonderful groomer!

How long will the grooming service take?

Many owners choose to bring their pets to a professional pet grooming in the UAE on a regular basis. If you have a puppy, grooming him is a crucial component of its development and will benefit him as they grow older. This is especially true for nail clipping and ear cleaning, both of which require them to sit perfectly motionless.

Most dogs take 1 to 2 hours to have complete grooming, but it can take a little bit longer if your dog is particularly large or hairy. Dogs that have not cared for a long time can take a little longer, because of the additional coat and they are not used to the grooming process.

Canadian VC believes in collaborating with you and our veterinarian to provide the best possible care for your pet's individual needs during your pet grooming in the UAE. Our trained veterinarian will give you and your pet individual attention during your session.

Do you offer an express service for specific breeds?

Pet grooming in the UAE is very crucial. We understand the powerful bond that exists between a pet and its family, and we appreciate the faith you invest in us every time you walk through our doors. That's why, while your dogs are in our care, we are continuously exploring ways to make their stay even better and safer.

We now solely offer an Express Service for the following breeds: English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boxers, and Boston Terriers (and any dog mixed with one of these breeds). These breeds are more likely to have respiratory problems, especially in stressful situations, which might include locations like a grooming salon for some dogs.

Continuous pet grooming in the UAE by a specialized grooming professional is now part of our new standard for these breeds, minimizing the amount of time your pet spends in the salon. We ask that you stay in or near the store throughout your pet's grooming appointment so that we can return your pet to you as soon as the grooming is completed.

What should I do to prepare for my pet’s groom?

Grooming is crucial for dogs of all breeds since it keeps their fur lustrous and tangle-free while also allowing you to check for parasite infestations and skin problems, improving their overall cleanliness. Grooming can also be a great way for you and your pet to bond.

Some dogs enjoy going to the pet store, while others are afraid of it. A professional grooming salon goes to great lengths to make a dog's time there comfortable and relaxing. Understandably, even this luxurious experience might be frightening for a dog.

If pet grooming in the UAE is a regular part of your dog's routine, it will be easier for them to work with a stylist. It is best if you can spend as much time as possible with an adopted dog. This involves things like playing with their paws, rubbing their chin and ears, and getting them used to you peeping into their jaws. Brushing them is another important grooming practice to develop at a young age.

This may be more difficult if you have adopted an older pet, especially if their prior owners mistreated them. To avoid any surprises, it is crucial to discuss your pet's personality qualities with their stylist. Finally, trained pets who know basic commands will have a better experience of pet grooming in the UAE and are more likely to form a close bond with their stylist.

The initial appointment of pet grooming in the UAE serves as an introduction to the puppy. Bathing, blow-drying, nail clipping, and mild trimming will all be introduced to the puppy. The first time a puppy is groomed, we do not recommend giving it a thorough haircut. Because you are forcing the dog to remain still and be handled for 1.5 hours, this is necessary. This is a lot to put on a puppy's shoulders. It'd be like expecting a one-year-old child to sit for 45 minutes without moving, going to the toilet, or playing with any toys. That is why, for a puppy's first groom, we only do the essentials.

When should my puppy come in for its first groom?

Pet grooming in the UAE accomplishes more than just a charming appearance. Excellent grooming equals good health, however, groomers should keep in mind that different breeds of dogs have varying grooming requirements. A professional pet grooming in the UAE can groom a dog in a variety of ways, including grooming puppies. Even so, a puppy's first grooming experience should be handled with care.

You can take your puppy in for her first grooming appointment after you've properly habituated her to all-around handling, which should be around 10-12 weeks.

The puppy should be kept light while it is grooming. Without frightening you can maintain control over the puppy. Although this grooming session is short, slowly starting and sticking to the basics is always a good idea.

How much does it cost for my pet to be groomed?

Depending on the salon the cost of dog care varies. This is because each salon has its price scheme for pet grooming in the UAE that differs throughout the pet industry.

This, too, is determined by the breed of dog you have and how frequently you visit. The larger the dog and the more fur he has, the more time it takes and the more money it costs. For dogs with long coats, we recommend 6-8 weekly visits. If your dog's last visit/groom to Canadian VC is more than 12 weeks, the cost will be doubled for all breeds.

Canadian VC's dog care costs are governed by breed, size, and hair type, and it is, therefore, a good idea to come along and consult with a qualified stylist. If you meet a stylist for pet grooming in the UAE, a grooming service is suggested and all costs are paid before the meeting starts.

At each salon or during an online booking, you may also check standardized rate cards.

How often should my pet be groomed?

Having your pet professionally groomed is an excellent method to keep them clean, odor-free, and healthy for a longer period of time. You should consider professional pet grooming in the UAE on a regular basis.

The requirements for pet grooming in the UAE are determined by a variety of criteria, including breed, coat type, age, and other factors.

  • The length of time your pet grooming in the UAE needs to be groomed is mostly determined by the features of his or her coat. Shorter-haired pets will require less grooming because they are less prone to accumulating dirt and becoming matted. Long-haired dogs with thick undercoats or double coats should be groomed at least once a season.
  • You may need to adjust the number of times of pet grooming in the UAE if it has allergies that affect your coat or skin. Certain allergies necessitate more frequent grooming, while other allergies may be exacerbated by regular grooming. Consult your veterinarian and groomer for advice on how frequently to groom your pet. These two experts have the most knowledge about your pet's specific needs, the best things to use, and the best routine to keep them happy and healthy.
  • Pets who spend more time outside may need to be washed and groomed more frequently due to the dirt, bugs, and pollen that can gather in their fur.
  • You may be able to get away with less frequent grooming for dogs who spend most of their time indoors.

    When considering when to plan your next grooming session, think about the environment you live in, how often your pet is inside, and your pet's specific coat features.

    We want to see your pets stay healthy and happy for as long as possible. This is why we have a professional caregiver to help your dog's coat stay in high condition. Our caretaker provides clean and shiny pet grooming in the UAE. Make an appointment for grooming today!

    My dog is old, can it be groomed?

    Grooming is vital for a dog's entire life, but it becomes much more necessary as the dog gets older. Any changes in a dog's health should be noted during a grooming session. Pet grooming in the UAE leads to spotting health issues that your dog may be experiencing. The status of the skin and coat can often disclose underlying health conditions. Coats may begin to thin, and irritations, growths, or lumps may form on the skin. Arthritis, joint problems, and dementia are all common in senior dogs. Some dogs gain weight owing to a lack of mobility, depending on the breed. Others may begin to lose weight and appear gaunt.

    The benefits of pet grooming in the UAE are especially appreciated by older pets. A warm bath will soothe those itchy spots they can not reach. Older dogs enjoy the great attention they receive, both during grooming and afterward. Dogs are aware of their attractive looks and love it when their owners pamper them. There's no such thing as being too old to be pampered!

    It is not possible to handle a geriatric dog in every grooming salon. If you are not bringing your dog to a renowned groomer, you need to find the correct place for your pet grooming in the UAE.

    Canadian VC will gladly pamper your old guy with luxurious spa treatments that will make him look and feel younger!