Skin infection in dogs can be caused due to various issues such as allergies, improper diet, fleas, bacteria issues, fungal issues and so on. Hair loss, dry itchy skin, dandruff, hot spots odour from fur and skin, redness, skin get thickened all shows that your dog is suffering from some form of skin infections or diseases. Mild skin irritations can be treated by us, however if the skin conditions becomes worse, then for correct diagnosis and medication it is always advisable to meet a vet. Canadian Veterinary Clinic has the best vet in Abu Dhabi for treating skin related issues in the dogs. Specialized in pets health Dubai we extend world class diagnosis and treatment for the pets. You can contact us for any questions or treatments regarding the pets health Dubai.

Treating dog skin disease

Skin condition can be related to the gut health

It is important to keep in check the gut health of your dog. An imbalance in the bacteria which are present in the gut of the dogs can lead to many diseases among the dogs including skin issues. Giving the dogs the essential probiotics is the best option to maintain the gut health. Deficiencies in vitamins can lead to issues such a nutritional dermatitis. Hence a diet which includes nutritional food has to be fed to your dog. They can also be given supplements like omega fatty acids after consulting a vet.

Reduce Stress

Stress can trigger many skin diseases. Providing adequate exercise and training can reduce the stress in dogs. Also maintaining a positive environment by caring and making the dog a part of your household can make them feel loved and happy. It can help your dog to cope better when they are infected with skin diseases.

Shampoos prescribed by vets

Using medicated shampoos helps in treating skin infections. Consult a vet and purchase shampoo prescribed by the doctor. The antiseptics and the drying agents will remove the itching and the skin wounds in the dogs. It should only be used as per the instructions given by the vet and if you see any adverse effect you have to stop its usage and immediately consult the vet. Having the best vet in Abu Dhabi, Canadian Veterinary Clinic doctors will prescribe the most suitable medicated shampoo for your dog.

Giving the dog oatmeal baths

Oatmeal is good for itchy skin and its proven benefits make it suitable to be used on the dogs. Plain oatmeal can be grinded well and it can be used while giving the bath to the dogs. Either the powder can be added to the water bath or oatmeal paste can be applied onto the skin of the dogs. Then the dogs can be bathed in warm water. After giving your dog a proper bath you can dry the dog with a clean towel.