Holiday season equals to loud vibrant and happening households. While your pets may be happy to have all the members of the family available in the house sometimes the excitement can disturb them and cause behavioural changes. During the holiday season you will also have a number of guests coming in. Friends, children, parents can visit and even stay for many days. This may make your pet feel out of place and overwhelm them. You may also have to travel long distance during holidays. All these changes have to be clearly taken into consideration well ahead of holidays in order to ensure a comfortable environment for pets. Neglecting even the minute things can affect your pet’s health and can eventually pave way for diseases. Canadian Veterinary Clinic offers specialised pet services in Dubai. We take utmost care to ensure the well being of your pet by providing perfect solutions and treatment for pets health Dubai.

Below are some methods to ensure the safety of your pets during the holidays.

House decorations

The holidays give you a lot of spare time to decorate your house. While decorating your house for any events or functions you have to make sure the decors are out of reach for your pets. Pets are always curious. They may inspect these items, chew or swallow it. It will be dangerous to their health. Some items may even be life threatening. Things like candles should be kept away from pets. Candles can get knocked by pets and cause fire. Different kinds of lightings decorations should also be kept safely away from pets since lighting wires are prone to short circuits.


Make sure not to leave any liquid unattended or within the reach of pets. Liquids used for cleaning and water bases kept under plants or trees are harmful for pets.


If you are a plant person holiday season tempts you to buy more plants. Some plants can be harmful to pets. Hence before buying plants proper research have to be done.

Snacks and scraps

Constant feeding of snack and scraps can adversely affect the health of your pets. It can cause issues like obesity in pets. Holiday foods like chocolate, raisins nuts etc have to be kept away from pets.


Taking your pet along with you when you are travelling is a big responsibility. Therefore take them along only after carful considerations. You have to know in detail the care needed for your pet while travelling. Consider things like veterinary clinic in the place of your travel, emergency contact number and pet store for buying pet food and other pet essentials. You should also check whether pets are allowed at the different places of your travel destination. Also ensure if Id tags of pets are working properly.

If you are not taking the pets along with you it is recommended to leave them in boarding or to appoint a pet sitter.

Quiet Room

Give your pets a quiet room or place when your house is filled with guests. It can prevent a lot of chaos. Both pets and guest can have peaceful time.


When you are busy, keep pets engaged by giving them toys. This will not only help you to carry out your work effectively but also prevents the pets from becoming idle and lonely.

For further information and guidance regarding the well being of your pets contact the finest provider of pet services in Dubai, Canadian Veterinary Clinic.