Cat Spaying and neutering are the common procedures that are performed surgically and prevent reproduction in cats and dogs. In the case of females, spaying is done for the removal of ovaries (and uterus). Cat spaying in Dubai is done to reduce the risk for unwanted pregnancies and even medical issues, behavior problems, and the occurrence of some emergencies.

The veterinary clinic in Abu Dhabi assures that there is post-operative care followed at home for a healthy recovery of the pets and prevention of the complications like infection, bleeding, pain, or other issues. The aftercare of pets can ensure smooth recovery following the surgical procedures.

What can you expect after cat spaying?

It takes time to recover and you must understand that they will behave a little unusually for a few days after the procedure is done. Some common things to expect from your cat after they are spayed are:

  • Tiredness/Fatigue: The pets will get a little tired in the evening after getting spayed. They will become non-responsive to your voice or pampering, as they have been given sedatives to get sleepy. It is important to call your vet if you feel that the pet is not in its senses.
  • Medications: Spaying is a regular surgery for cats. The pet may be prescribed certain medications to recover soon. They will be given the medication to heal and manage pain or discomfort after medicines. The vets will manage the pet’s health in Dubai and UAE by making them comfortable before, during, and after the surgical procedure is done. The medicines need to be given to the pet, as prescribed.
  • Monitoring eating and drinking: The procedure of spaying for the cat requires anesthesia and the food and water intake need to be given as the veterinary doctor’s prescription. After a day, the pet must be able to eat properly (although the quantity might be lower than the usual). You must take care that the cat doesn’t vomit or feel feverish on the next day of the procedure.
Post-operative care tips for Cats

Cat spaying in Dubai is done for positive reasons as keeping a pet without spaying would not make sense. Here are some tips to care for your pets by the vet clinic experts:

  • Exercise restriction: The physical activity of your cat needs to be restricted after the surgery. Jumping, running, and playing can make the stitches fail and could cause issues. The spaying activity requires proper rest of the pet for a week and they must not be allowed to do any hard physical activity for 10-12 days.
  • Caring for surgical site: The pet’s spayed incision should be monitored daily for any bleeding, discharge, swelling, or other issues. If any such symptoms are noticed, it is advisable to call the veterinary clinic in Abu Dhabi. Most spayed skin incisions become better after 10-14 days.
  • Swimming & Bathing: Do not bathe your pet or make them do swimming till the stitches are removed. The vet will clear off the staples or sutures and wait at least 12-14 days till the incision is fully healed.
  • Prevent chewing and licking: It is important to notice that the pet must prevent licking, scratching, and chewing in their surgical area. If the vet recommends a cone, make sure that you imply it for avoiding serious issues.
Cat Spaying Care

The recovery after cat spaying is feasible by following these tips that promote healing:

  • Keep them indoors: The risk of infection increases if the cat is allowed to roam outdoors till the incision site is fully healed.
  • Confinement of cat: It is the best way to restrict the activity of your cat after the surgical procedure. They could be given a large dog kennel or a small enclosed room with a litter box in the confinement space.
  • Cat litter changes: There are benefits of changing the cat’s litter during the recovery period. It could cause fewer problems and contamination in the surgical incision site. The cats may prefer the lower-sided box for the best post-surgical recovery so that they do not have to climb higher.
veterinary clinic in Abu Dhabi

Apart from the general guidelines, the veterinary expert would be required to answer your specific queries and advice regarding pet care. Cat spaying is done by a Canadian veterinary clinic in Abu Dhabi and other parts of the UAE. If you notice any changes in your cat’s behavior or temperament, talk to experts for the same. We also provide the routine pet vaccination in Dubai at affordable prices to keep them away from various diseases.

Canadian Veterinary Clinic works for pet relocation services in Dubai for transferring them to different locations. It is the best spot for maintaining sound pet’s health in Dubai. Feel free to contact them for any pet-related queries or requirements and fix an appointment for any requirement for your admirable pet.