Just like how the changing seasons affects us dogs are also susceptible to seasonal changes. Therefore adopting methods which can help the dogs to cope with different seasons is important to keep them healthy. If you notice any health issue with dogs you have to consult a good vet. For pets health Dubai, you can contact Canadian Veterinary Clinic with complete confidence. We provide the best consultation, treatment and pet grooming in UAE.

Some ways to keep your dogs clean and comfortable during the cold winter months are discussed below.


Being cautious about hypothermia in dogs is very important during winter season. Even mild conditions of hypothermia can affect dog’s health. It can lead to weakness in dogs and shivering in dogs. They can become inactive and if hypothermia persists the dog’s heartbeat can eventually slow down. Their breathing can get affected and they soon become languid. Hence it is important to keep the dogs indoors during cold weather. Your house should also be kept warm enough. Heater should be placed in order to provide apt indoor temperature. You should also keep soft bed with blankets or warm mats for the comfort of the dogs. The area where the dog sleeps should also be kept dry. In case if you notice any symptoms of hypothermia, consult the vet immediately and while going to the vet keep your dog warm and comfortable. Canadian Veterinary Clinic offers excellent service for pets health Dubai.

2.Make an appointment with a groomer

It is recommended to take your dog to a groomer regularly. Grooming service make pet clean and healthy. Any underlying diseases will also be identified by good grooming service providers. They will know how to handle dogs and the specific requirements for different breeds of dogs. During winter season you can take your dog for a grooming service to make them feel happy and energetic and to pamper them with love and care. For exceptional pet grooming in UAE get in touch with Canadian Veterinary Clinic.


Try to reduce the time taken for bathing during winter. Short and proper bath with warm water would be ideal. Make sure not to use very hot water. Using shampoos with moisturising properties will help the dogs to stay clear off of dry, flaky or itchy skin. Use dry shampoos to keep the dogs clean. Dry shampoo will remove odour and oils and by using it you can reduce the frequency of baths during the winter season.

4.Protecting the paws of the dogs

It is vital to check the paws of the dogs during the cold weather. Paws of dogs are prone to frostbites. Cracks and drying can also occur in the feet pads. You have to check the feet of the dogs routinely and proper treatment has to be taken if you notice nay issue. Excess hair in between the toes of the dogs should be cut off and their nails should be properly trimmed. Applying a moisturiser made for dogs is also recommended.

5.Warm food, water and jackets

A warmed up meal and water would be suitable for dogs during extreme weather conditions. Remember not to give hot food and water to dogs. Warming up dog friendly food makes it more appealing to dogs. It also improves the taste and aroma of foods. Also provide jackets or sweater to dogs to keep them warm especially when outside. Dogs with thicker coat may not prefer jackets or sweaters whereas dogs such as greyhounds may need jackets to keep them warm. If you are providing jacket to your dog, make sure that they fit properly and will not irritate the dog or cause discomfort.