Pets need adequate nutrition and preventive medications for to stay healthy. Here are some expert tips from Canadian Veterinary pets health, Dubai to keep your pets stay healthy and happy.

  • Right food, proper nutrition

You have to provide a balanced diet for your pets to stay healthy. Give them right type and right amount of food to maintain a healthy weight. That way you can prevent obesity-related problems and extend your pet’s life span. Also consult a veterinarian to check whether your pet needs any supplements. Don’t feed them with high calorie foods or bakery items as it causes health issues or may get any food allergies.

  • Regular Exercise

Like we exercise regularly, pets too need some engagements to maintain their physical health. Take them to walk, do hiking, playing fetch or swimming for making them active throughout the day. Even inside the house you can engage them by providing pet toys to play. This way they can’t get bored and become active.

  • Regular checkups

Pets too need regular health and dental checkups for early detection diseases. This can be a monthly or yearly check up from a nearby service in pets health, Dubai.

  • Preventive medications

Preventive Medications have to be given to your pets if necessary after the veterinarian checkups. This will help to prevent issues of heartworm, tick-borne diseases or flea- related diseases. To prevent dental problems, brush their teeth regularly and visit a veterinarian if your pet s suffering from dental plaque or tartar buildup.

  • Grooming

Regular grooming helps to keep your pet’s skin and nails healthy. It involves, trimming the nails, brushing, washing and massaging to prevent dandruff, bald patches or dry skin. Check for any lumps or bumps in their skin and consult a veterinarian if necessary.

  • Give attention and affection

Pets need more attention and affection when they are with you. Build a strong bond with them by showing affection through cuddles, petting, belly rubs and more to strengthen the emotional connection with your pets. This way you can maintain your pets mental health strong.

  • Train to socialize

From the younger age itself, pets should be trained to socialize to prevent any anti-social or fearfully aggressive behaviors as an adult. Pets need to be trained to socialize with its environment and people around them, so that they will not be stressed out whenever they face a crowd. For that you need to take them for regular walks outside and make sure they get enough people and animal interactions, from the younger age itself.

  • Keep your pets safe

First of all, keep your pets safe from toxic substances and fire whenever they are inside the house. Today, you can make use of pet collars with ID tags and microchips to ensure advanced safety for your pets. Find these safety techniques and pet care treatments in Canadian Veterinary pet clinic in Dubai.

We hope the above tips will be useful to you in keeping your pets healthy and strong. Moreover the love and care you give them makes your pets live at peace. As one of the best pet clinic in Dubai, Canadian Veterinary clinic provide professional and expert services in pet dental care, neutering and spraying, pet grooming, vaccination, general health check-up and micro chipping for your pets safety. Book an appointment with us and receive high-quality and affordable pet care treatments today itself.