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Your pet cats and dogs rely on us to make sure that their teeth and oral health are in good order. They are not able to brush their teeth twice daily and take themselves off to the dentist every 6 months as we do, so we must take care of their teeth for them! We are the best cat & dog dental care Abu Dhabi.

Poor dental hygiene can be a source of chronic (long term) pain and discomfort for many pets. Most owners are unaware of this discomfort because most animals will not cry out in the presence of such pain – they just tolerate it. Dental disease in an older animal can cause ill-thrift which the owner may mistakenly attribute to the animal ‘getting old’.

If there is infection in the mouth it can allow bacteria into the body via the blood stream and cause infections elsewhere. Kidney, heart, lung and liver infections can all be caused by poor oral health. Bad teeth can therefore just be the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

Keep your cats and dogs maintain good oral hygiene from Best dog dental care Abu Dhabi.