Dental problems are common among pets just like we humans. It is as much important to take care of your pet’s oral hygiene as we do for ourselves. Pet’s dental problems are also known as Periodontal Disease which are common among mature dogs and cats. This causes infections, pain and tooth loss, which may spread to their internal organs and become fatal. Therefore it is important take care of your pet’s dental health for an ultimate health care. We will discuss here what are the common dental problems which every pets face and the necessary precautions or treatments.

How to know your pet is having dental problems?

Watch your pets regularly, if they show any of these signs of dental troubles to start the treatment soon.

  • They looses tooth
  • Bad breath, which is a sign of periodontal disease.
  • Receding gum line
  • Inflamed, Red or bleeding gums.
  • Building up of Calculus on the surface of teeth.
  • Difficulty in eating.
  • Rubbing face or paws often.
  • Excessive drooling

If your pets show any of these signs, take your pets to a Vet for a periodontal disease checkup. We care for your pets health, Dubai and do regular health checkups & annual vaccinations at Canadian Veterinary for your pets. Do get the best Dog Dental care, Abu Dhabi at or clinic.

What are the common dental problems every pets face?

  • Periodontal Disease

This is a bacterial infection which affects gums and bone around the tooth caused by the plaque. It is caused by the accumulation of saliva & food materials in their mouth which leads to calculus build up and cause inflammation to gums. Regular brushing can minimize the effects but left untreated it may destroy your pet’s tooth socket. This is indeed painful and your pet loses its teeth. Therefore consult an animal specialist clinic, Dubai to avoid the further damages of their internal organs.

  • Discoloration of tooth

Do you notice a change in your pet’s tooth recently, like a darker yellow shade or grey color? Discoloration of your pet’s tooth is a common dental problem which is caused by the necrosis of the pulp inside the tooth. This damages the pulp and causes pain. Better you take your pet to a veterinary assessment.

  • Juvenile gingivitis

Young cats are more susceptible to gingivitis. This is caused when the growth adult teeth triggers an abnormal inflammation on gums. Treat juvenile gingivitis at a best veterinary clinic.

  • Worn Teeth

When your dogs chew excessively, especially hard ones or abrasive objects, they end up with worn teeth. If this action persists for long time, it causes infections to pulp and cause pain. Don’t buy any abrasive toys for your pets and if your pet has worn teeth, get an expert dog dental care, Abu Dhabi.

  • Tooth Luxation

Tooth luxation causes loosening of tooth from the sockets. This can damage the bone around the tooth and might tear the gum. When your pet drags something big using a large force with its tooth, tooth luxation happens. Then your dogs & cats need a vet help very soon.

  • Fractured teeth

Tooth fracture is common in both dogs & cats as they usually carry, chew or drag anything with their teeth which can make the enamel unhealthy. At times, fractured teeth may expose the pulp, which you can recognize as a black or red spot on the tooth and it ultimately leads to infections. This is really painful so better to consult an animal specialist clinic, Dubai immediately.

  • Resorptive lesions

This is a most common dental problem in cats where by the tooth structure is destroyed below from the gum line. Resorptive lesions are painful which makes their tooth weak and breaks to expose the tooth nerve. When you notice a hole in your pet’s tooth of find the gum grow over the tooth that might be a resorptive lesion. Your pet vet recommends a dental x-ray to find whether the destruction is below the gum line.

Your pet’s oral health is preserved through the regular brushing of teeth which prevents majority of the dental problems like periodontal diseases. We recommend, as we are doing the best care for pets health, Dubai, to prevent the plaque formation on the teeth before it spreads and calcify to form the tartar. This can be made to happen if you train them for tooth brushing regularly, from the younger age itself. Also we would like to advice you that use only the veterinary approved tooth pastes for brushing your pets from an animal clinic or a dog dental care, Abu Dhabi.

We have the best pet care services at Canadian Veterinary Clinic, Abu Dhabi & Dubai, providing expert dental services, Neutering & Spraying services, Pet Grooming services, Vaccinations, General health check-ups and Micro chipping services. Book an appointment for receiving quality and affordable services for your pets health, Dubai.