Dog dental care is a crucial aspect of pet maintenance that is simple to neglect. Dogs are susceptible to dental illness, so it’s crucial to provide your dog with more than one sort of at-home dental treatment in addition to the regular dental checkups at the veterinarian’s office. If you are looking for dog dental care in Abu Dhabi, Canadian Veterinary Clinic is ready to serve you. But before that, read about how to prevent cavities in canines.

Here are some of the best ways to maintain a healthy oral care regime for your dog’s teeth.

1.Brush your dog’s teeth using canine toothpaste.

As canine toothpaste comes in different flavors, it appeals to a dog’s taste receptors and some dogs genuinely enjoy having their teeth brushed. The three most preferred tastes are chicken, beef, and peanut butter. Picking a toothpaste flavor to use should be done with caution if your dog has food sensitivity.

Dogs who are motivated by food and who can remain still for a few minutes will typically respond nicely to getting their teeth brushed.

You can use a typical human toothbrush to brush the teeth of large dogs. It is advisable to use a fingertip brush or a baby toothbrush when brushing little pets. A kit for brushing your dog’s teeth that you may buy comprises toothpaste, a conventional brush, and a fingertip brush.

Cleaning your dog’s teeth is similar to cleaning your own teeth. Simply dampen the toothbrush and coat it with toothpaste before brushing your dog’s teeth. It is okay if your dog will not allow you to brush the insides of its teeth. After you’ve completed brushing, you don’t have to rinse the toothpaste out of your mouth.

Try to clean your dog’s teeth two to three times a week, although daily brushing is preferable if you’ve got the time and your dog likes it. Avoid brushing your dog’s teeth if you are worried that they might bite you. Try some of the following alternatives instead.

2. Mix dental powder with your dog’s meals

There are many flavored dental powders such as VetriScience Perio Support available which you can sprinkle on top of your dog’s food. It has a probiotic in it that works to destroy germs that cause plaque while also promoting good bacteria in your dog’s mouth.

Apply the powder to each meal your dog consumes. It helps your dog’s breath smell better and keeps plaque and tartar from forming on their teeth. Talk to your dog’s dental care in Abu Dhabi who can help you pick the right brand for your pet.

3. Give dental water additives a shot

Dogs can drink a variety of water additives, and they all function quite similarly. These oral medications have no flavor. You should add a specific quantity of water added to your dog’s water bowl each day as per the instructions on the bottle. The remedy eliminates plaque-forming bacteria in your dog’s mouth while also helping to freshen their breath.

4.Talk to your Vet about prescription dental food

Several dog food manufacturers produce prescription dental food that has been clinically proven to help minimize dental disease for dogs that dislike the other products or are extremely susceptible to periodontal disease.

When your dog nibbles, the kibble disinfects the enamel of its teeth, preventing the development of tartar. Ingredients in the kibble also aid in eliminating bacteria that cause plaque and tartar to form.

5.Give your dog some dental chews

Make sure the dental chews or treats you choose for your dog have the Veterinary Oral Health Council’s Seal of Acceptance on the package because it means that the item aids in preventing tartar accumulation.

There are many good treats available that lessen the accumulation of plaque and tartar on a dog’s teeth and establish a barrier that prevents microorganisms from sticking to the surface and forming tartar. Talk to your pet’s vet and give your dog occasion treats that will significantly prevent tartar accumulation.

6.Visit the dentist regularly with your dog

Just like with our teeth, tartar will eventually gather on your dog’s teeth no matter how much at-home dental care you give him. Despite the fact that we brush our teeth every day, we still require regular dental cleanings. This is the same for dogs too.

Your veterinarian will advise a dental cleaning when your dog’s mouth has enough tartar and gingivitis. To effectively get rid of all the tartar from your dog’s teeth and the gum line, your veterinarian will need to put your dog under general anesthesia.

Depending on the dog’s breed and the at-home dental care treatment, some dogs only need cleanings once every few years while others need them annually.

How can we help?

Canadian Veterinary Clinic is one of the top pet’s health clinic in Dubai and are a one-stop solution for all your pet care needs. From dental care to deworming to grooming & cleaning, we provide excellent products and services for your pet.

Listed below are some of our services:

  1. Wellness Care – wellness programs include all-exclusive physical exams and parasite tests
  2. Anesthetic Monitoring – proper examination to check if he/she is in good shape for any surgery
  3. Nutritional counselling – prescription food and balanced diet for your dog
  4. Pain management – helping pets with alleviating any pain or discomfort
  5. Vaccination care – proper vaccination of a baby kitten or puppy when they are born
  6. Dental care – proper dental checkups and cleaning to maintain your dog’s dental health

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