Is Your Dog Sick? Here’s What To Look For

Is my dog sick? This is the question that arises to every pet lover! Unfortunately your pets can’t tell you the answer. But there are certain symptoms that they might show. While some illness symptoms in dogs, like vomiting or diarrhoea, can be easy to spot, many sickness behaviours in dogs can be difficult to

Health Benefits of Neutering Your Pets

We know that your pet is your family and its health and well-being come as your priority. Pets need regular treatment, care and proper medication to live a healthy life. Neutering is also an important factor to make them live a good life. Canadian veterinary is one of the best known for dog neutering in

Pet Policies For Pet Friendly Airways

Pets are also family members and no one of us would want to risk abandoning them when we are supposed to travel. We want our pets to be with us wherever we go. But it can be hard to take your pet in public transport, respecting fellow travellers and the transport. So, every pet parent

How To Treat Dog Skin Disease

Skin infection in dogs can be caused due to various issues such as allergies, improper diet, fleas, bacteria issues, fungal issues and so on. Hair loss, dry itchy skin, dandruff, hot spots odour from fur and skin, redness, skin get thickened all shows that your dog is suffering from some form of skin infections or

Why Pet Vaccination Important?

Similar to vaccination in humans, pets should also be vaccinated to protect them from contracting various diseases like respiratory infections, virus infections etc. It also stops the spreading of disease like rabies to the people. Pet vaccines are therefore necessary not only to keep the pets healthy but also to keep you and the people

Why You Need To Neuter Your Dog

Neutering denotes the process used to ‘de-sex’ an animal. It is important to neuter a dog due to many reasons. Neutering helps in eliminating the chances of developing certain diseases in dogs. The process is also used to control animal population and to reduce unwanted sexual behaviour in animals. In male animals the term castration