A Guide to Recognizing Orthopaedic Problems in Pets

The playful vigor of pets, as in the case of kids, adds life to home. They are supposed to play around and have a happy and healthy life. It is a grim picture to see them lying without much movement in a corner of their couch.  Such an image is brought to life by orthopedic

A Guide to Keeping Your Pets Happy and Healthy in Summer

The summer season is fun, with beaches, walks in the parks, fun activities, ball catching and so on. But it can also bring about heat waves, sunstroke, summer diseases, etc. This is the same for pets as well. If you are a pet parent, it would be a good thing to be aware of how

Optimal Pet Health: Essential Guidelines for Pet Wellness

Providing our beloved pets with the right nourishment is essential to their well-being. Pets need a balanced diet to stay healthy and vibrant, just like people do. It’s important to know your pet’s specific dietary needs before you start the process of giving them healthy food. The dietary requirements of dogs and cats differ, and

What should we Expect After Neutering your Pets?

You, as a pet owner, may feel apprehensive if your cat or dog is about to be severed with a knife. A clear understanding of the recovery process following spaying or neutering can provide reassurance. Spaying and neutering are widely implemented measures to sterilise animals and avert unintended pregnancies. The compassionate veterinarians at Canadian VC,

Living With Pets in the Emirates: Everything you Need to Know

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is becoming a more pet-friendly location to live as a direct result of increased international emphasis on it for both tourism and as a cosmopolitan place to live. The city of Dubai, in particular, is seeing a rise in the number of establishments that are open to the company of

The Complete Guide to Being a Responsible Cat Owner in the UAE

Everyone wants the best for their pets, and that includes their cats and dogs. The animal specialist clinic Dubai is here to assist you by providing you with information that is straightforward on the daily care and feeding of your pet. Are you ready for the joy of adding a pet to your family? The

How to Take Care of Your Pet’s Dental Issues?

For our animal friends’ overall health and wellbeing, maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial. Like people, dogs are susceptible to dental disorders that can be painful, uncomfortable, and even dangerous to their health. This extensive manual will go through practical methods for dog dental care Abu Dhabi. These pointers can help you make sure your

Things to Consider Before Pet Relocation to UAE

Moving abroad to UAE? That can be quite a challenging task, and when you have pets involved in the process, it could be even more stressful. However, with the right pet relocation services Dubai involved in the moving process, you can make it smooth and simple. Valid import permit The first and foremost rule in