Like humans, cats can suffer from joint-related diseases, such as feline rheumatoid osteoarthritis, a condition that causes inflammation and muscle pain. This disease is not easy to detect since kittens tend to hide very well when they are in pain. And it is difficult for you to realize at first glance that your pet suffers from it if you do not know exactly what signs to look for. Most of the pet owners neglect this fact, and deny visiting the best pet services in Dubai, risking pet’s life.

It is why it is important to know the symptoms of arthritis in cats, as well as its treatment and the special care you have to offer the feline. As soon as you discover the signs and symptoms, the first step is to visit nearest veterinary clinic Abu Dhabi and consult with a professional veterinarian. So if you are interested in this topic, keep reading this article and find out everything you need to know about feline arthritis.

What are the causes of feline arthritis?

The feline arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect the cat of any age and is characterized by inflammation of the joints, and tear and wear of the protective layers lining the joints of the animal, which causes pain, stiffness and loss of mobility, etc. We should not confuse arthritis in cats with osteoarthritis, why?

Because osteoarthritis is a bone disease that affects older cats, while arthritis can affect a cat of any age. As older cats are prone to joint pain, it would be ideal if you take your pet to the nearest animal specialist clinic Dubai for a periodical check-up. The causes that can produce rheumatoid arthritis in cats are very diverse and can have different origins –

  • Due to injuries, blows or trauma that the feline has suffered.
  • Due to germs or bacteria that may have affected the joints.
  • Due to malformations of the limbs and other developmental problems.
  • Due to the cat’s immune system that reacts against the synovial membrane of the joints.
  • Obesity and overweight: not a direct cause but it can aggravate the symptoms.
Measures to keep cat’s joint healthy
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The feeding of your cat must be balanced, with an adequate amount of proteins, minerals and natural supplement. Often, minor jumps can cause minor injuries to the joints that become severe in the long run. Preventive supplementation helps to increase joint health, preventing inflammatory processes and reducing pain. The addition of Omega 3 to the diet also has good results, as it helps the immune system and reduces the damage associated with osteoarthritis.

Obese cats are also more likely to have long-term joint problems since overweight acts as a factor of greater wear and tear in joint joints. So, keeping the animal in shape is essential. A great way to keep the joints healthy is to enrich the environment. When it comes to the health of your pet, you should trust professional pet services in Dubai only.

How to diagnose?

The diagnosis of arthritis is not simple. The veterinarian makes a clinical analysis of the animal, asking about its life, type of feeding and usually asks for complementary exams, such as x-ray and orthopaedic examination. The signs that cats may show are – presence of pain, inability to jump, weight loss, lack of appetite, depression, abnormal postures to pee or poop, aggressive behaviours, etc. If your cat has any of these symptoms, take him to the best pet services in Dubai clinic for possible diagnosis. For the most severe cases, surgical treatment may be recommended, which are only considered by the veterinarian.

Pet’s health and safety

Apart from the treatment, there are certain things your cat can do at home so that she stays as comfortable as possible and reduces the pain and stress. Apart from moderate exercise appropriate to her situation and giving her an adequate diet, you can take the following care to improve her quality of life. Place a blanket where she likes to stretch so that she rests much better and be fluffier.

Try to have as few obstacles as possible at home and have areas that facilitate access to elevated sites that she will not be able to climb. And finally, you should avoid stressing your cat at all costs and you should treat him with a lot of affection, love and patience. Search for the best pet’s health Dubai clinic and book your appointment now.


The treatment of feline arthritis begins with the prescription of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain and minimize inflammation of the joints, as well as taking pharmacological supplements to help alleviate the animal’s symptoms. Surgery is always the last option. Besides conventional medical treatments with painkillers for cats, you can also help improve feline arthritis with some homeopathic medicines for cats and natural remedies. Through targeted exercise and rehabilitation, you can help alleviate the pain, stiffness, and other symptoms. Do not hesitate visiting the best pet services in Dubai if you suspect that your cat may suffer from this disease.