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World for animals because we believe that they are an integral part of our nature. Canadian Veterinary Clinic was founded in October 2013 by animal lovers and supported by the passionate animal care staff. We are a licensed team of vet experts having expertise in all the essential pet care and health essential streams.

We work on the following veterinary care and services:

• Deworming
• Vaccinations
• Grooming & cleaning
• Dermatological issues
• Dentistry
• Internal diseases
• Microchipping
• Routine surgeries
• Laboratory tests (blood tests, rapid viral tests, blood chemistry, and cytology) and much more!

Our regular veterinary care and services are excellent and we even offer surgical procedures like abscess removal, c-section delivery, wound suturing, castration, or even bird surgery. In case of special medical attention, our experts will refer you to our linked specially qualified MRCVS veterinarians. We have the latest equipment and technology for veterinary services and treat our patients with love and care for every checkup, procedure, or surgery.

Your Pet Deserves the Best

If you live in Dubai or the surrounding areas, look no further to visit us for your pet care. We offer regular and emergency checkups for pets from experienced veterinarians. Our clinic is comfortable and we offer the most trusted services in the vet industry. We offer many services for pet cure and care by giving proper guidance to the owners. Our expert staff shares knowledge about pet care to encourage better health for your animal.

Charity Program

We offer a specialized charity program for dogs and cats. We have a strong association with the community serving stray animals and work for the neuter release program. Our passion is to create a caring.



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We have the vision of becoming one of the top rated veterinarian clinic in the whole of UAE. We have done a tremendous work so far by helping different pet owners find the best ways to treat their pets and aid in helping them live a comfortable and happy life sans ailments. The right pet treatment with a holistic treatment approach is our key vision.


At Canadian VC, our primary vision is to ensure that we offer the best of treatment and care for the different pets and cure them of different diseases at the earliest. We are also willing to extend our help and cooperating by guiding pet owners with the right after care and support services so as to ensure that they can raise their pets right. We make best use of advanced science and medicines to help the pets in the right manner.

What Clients Say

Because They Can’t Tell You What’s Wrong
Steve Malone

We have been using the Canadian VC services since a long time and it is my go to choice for assisting my pets always

Steve Malone manager

Thank you Canadian VC for always guiding me in the best way to attend to my pet and caring for her

Johnson manager

With Canadian VC, I am always confident that I can care for my pet and help him stay happy abd healthy.



How does the pet care process work?

Pet services in Dubai provide everyday care for pets while their owners are away on holiday. They frequently stay in the house of the owner so that the pets can remain in their familiar surroundings. In addition to dog care, they may also undertake basic jobs for the owner, such as collecting mail and vacuuming pet hair.

A pet care process works very professionally.

  • We conduct an initial teleconference to see whether you are a better match for our organization.
  • We perform an in-home interview after the initial qualifying to effectively integrate your intention to host dogs and to decide if you satisfy our requirements. We will discuss the following topics during the in-home interview:
  • Determine the types of pets you have previously owned or cared for.
  • Examine your home for cleanliness, safety, and layout to determine which pets might be the most suitable. Make a security and safety check on your yard.
  • If you have pets of your own, figure out which type of pet will get along with them the best.
  • Determine what kinds of pets you'd want to have in your house.
  • During your in-home interview, you will be handed the Guideline Manual, which covers any "What ifs" that may arise while caring for a pet.
  • We will place a pet in your home after you have been accepted that we believe is a good match for you. You will be provided instructions and notes from the owner's interview regarding their pet's medication, daily routines, diets, and other vital needs. We help transport pets to and from the host families. Then you are ready to start pet sitting and enjoy the company of a pet.

    What are the services that you offer?

    Canadian VC provides pet services in Dubai that manage and run excellent animal lover staff. Our caretakers love animals and consider their job to be fun, which makes it simple for them to bond with pets who are experiencing separation anxiety. Our caretakers joyfully do it all, ensuring that all of the residents feel at home and loved, from feeding pets according to their specific preferences to going out of their way to console them.

    Whilst Canadian VC is a pet care specialist, we offer General Health Check-Up, Microchipping, Travel Certificate, XRay, Dental Pet, Neutering Spaying, Pets Grooming, Vaccination and are ready to look after your baby while you are away. Your pet can have a home-cooked dinner or the greatest pet food brands available, and there is a community area where your pets can socialize and interact. There are personalized suites specifically for your pet if he or she likes his or her "me time."

    Every creature strives to dwell in a stress-free and caring environment. If you need to work longer hours or be away from home for a few days, all you have to do is approach us, and our Pet services in Dubai will look after your dogs. When it comes to Pet services in Dubai, we understand how important it can be to find someone who is professional, kind, and above all, dependable. As a result, when you come to us, we match your pets' needs with a pet sitter who is qualified for the task.

    Who provides the best pet services in Dubai?

    Pets are the cutest members of the family. Pets deserve the attention and care that they crave. They are quite sensitive. Pets should be treated with the utmost love and affection. Canadian VC is the best Pet services in Dubai. Our pet staff love to take care of your pets.

    Canadian VC has been a major Pet services in Dubai for several years. We give an appealing service with our customer's support, and we are quite proud of it.

    You will discover that Canadian VC has a genuine, open-hearted attitude, which is mirrored in the people that join. Our listings are all free to peruse, our registration fees are low, our customer service is quick and polite, and our results are consistently good. Just have a look at our testimonials to discover what this means to our members - they really adore us!

    Are you Insured?

    We at Canadian VC adore your furry companions just as much as you do. To keep our consumers happy and smiling, we provide the greatest treatment and a professional workforce. Our personnel are highly trained and satisfy the highest standards. You may put your trust in us to keep your pet secure and happy. The Dubai Municipality has certified us and has granted us a DED license.

    We treat your pets with the utmost care and offer you the best feedback we can since we provide the best Pet services in Dubai. Your pet's every move while in our care is recorded and emailed to you. We discuss your pet's likes and dislikes with you and adjust accordingly. We scrupulously adhere to the pet owner's instructions, and in the event of an emergency, we promptly alert you.

    Does the Canadian VC provide pet food?

    Canadian VC, a leading Pet services in Dubai provides branded dog food. Make every mealtime for your pets count by choosing nutritious food from our large selection. It is a good idea to do some research on where you obtain your pet food to ensure that it is of good quality. Making your decision based on their experience and stock is a wonderful way to go. You will find that we have a lot of knowledge in this field and carry a large choice of products from trusted sources.

    How do I transfer my pet’s records from a previous clinic?

    If you are changing veterinarians for a variety of reasons, you will need them to give you your pet's medical records so you can deliver them to your new veterinarian. It is critical to know what quality of care the dog received before visiting the new veterinarian, as well as whether or not your new veterinarian is capable of administering the necessary vaccinations and examining the dog for any health issues.

    It is common for a vet office to send your pet records to its new veterinarian by post or fax. You are, however, free to request a copy to the new veterinarian personally as a pet parent. This is permissible in some states, whilst others prohibit the doctor from giving you a copy of the file for your pet. Check your state's legislation on this subject to see if your veterinarian is compelled to comply with your request. You do not want to be caught without your furry friend's critical medical paperwork in an emergency, and you want to be well-informed so that you can make informed decisions regarding his care.

    If you have not picked a new veterinarian, ensure that your old veterinarian has all the relevant contact information. The easiest approach to minimize misunderstandings, lost paperwork, or questions about medical history is to put the new vet in touch with your old vet. If your new veterinarian has questions concerning the medical treatment of your pet, they should talk about visits or treatments to the former veterinarian, because they will probably receive a more detailed reply than to ask.

    According to the advice of Pet services in Dubai, pay as much attention to your pet's medical treatment as you would to your own medical history. Many things in the medical history of your pet seem to be relatively insignificant, but you never know what will prove useful in the future.