About Canadian Veterinary Clinic


Canadian Veterinary Clinic was founded by animals lovers and supported by passionate in animal care staff. It started as a primary clinic in October,2013 and now upgraded to comprehensive veterinary clinic.

We provide routine veterinary care and services like deworming, vaccinations, microchipping, grooming and cleaning. WE offer laboratory services like hematology blood test ,blood biochemistry, cytology and rapid viral tests . WE also offer routine surgeries in birds , dogs and cats, like abscess removal, caesarian, spay, castration and wound suturing. If your pet needs specialized medical attention we can refer you to highly qualified MRCVS veterinarians. We have a strong connections with MRCVS qualified Veterinarians.

We have a charity program with tray cats and dogs . We have a strong cooperation with the community serving the stray cats on trap spay and neuter release program.We are passionate in caring for all animals because we believe if we care for them, we care also for ourselves, our family and the future generations.


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We have the vision of becoming one of the top rated veterinarian clinic in the whole of UAE. We have done a tremendous work so far by helping different pet owners find the best ways to treat their pets and aid in helping them live a comfortable and happy life sans ailments. The right pet treatment with a holistic treatment approach is our key vision.


At Canadian VC, our primary vision is to ensure that we offer the best of treatment and care for the different pets and cure them of different diseases at the earliest. We are also willing to extend our help and cooperating by guiding pet owners with the right after care and support services so as to ensure that they can raise their pets right. We make best use of advanced science and medicines to help the pets in the right manner.

What Clients Say

Because They Can’t Tell You What’s Wrong
Steve Malone

We have been using the Canadian VC services since a long time and it is my go to choice for assisting my pets always

Steve Malone manager

Thank you Canadian VC for always guiding me in the best way to attend to my pet and caring for her

Johnson manager

With Canadian VC, I am always confident that I can care for my pet and help him stay happy abd healthy.


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