The summer season is fun, with beaches, walks in the parks, fun activities, ball catching and so on. But it can also bring about heat waves, sunstroke, summer diseases, etc. This is the same for pets as well. If you are a pet parent, it would be a good thing to be aware of how to look after your pet during the hot summer days. It would keep them strong, healthy and happy.  Take them to the best vet in Abu Dhabi to know how to maintain their health and temperature. Pets are most likely to feel the heat much more than humans, due to their thick coating of fur. This is why they need proper grooming and care in warmer climates.

This blog would give you insights on the necessary steps to take care of your pet in summer. Most pet services in Dubai suggest to follow these measures for the comfort of your pets in summer.

Ensuring hydration: Pets drink water on their own accord. But they need to be provided with proper hydration facilities so they can quench thirst on their own. Ensure their water tubs are always filled with water.

Be alert about heat strokes: The body of pets warm up faster than humans. Never leave your pet stranded inside your vehicle  even for a few minutes. It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is parked in a shady spot, pets will not be able to handle the heat and are likely to be subjected to  heat strokes. If you live in a concrete apartment please try to make sure that your rooms maintain optimum temperature.

Look for insects on your pet: It is advisable to keep an anti-tick spray at home. This will help prevent ticks and flies infestation in your pet’s body. You can get the best anti-tick spray from some pet services in Dubai.

Heartworm alert: Heartworm disease is a serious disease that leads to heart failure, liver failure and failure of other organs in your pet’s body. The disease caused by bug bites or contacts with infected animals, can be treated using appropriate heartworm preventive medicines. Taking your pet to the best vet in Abu Dhabi would give you access to the right medication for your pet.

Proper grooming: A messy cot or/and unclean surroundings in which your pet spends time will be a playground for ticks and other insects. Give special grooming to your pet during summer. Finding the best pet services in Dubai is important to groom your pet without causing much anxiety or stress on them.

Summer can be a trying time for pets, but ensure your pet gets its proper exercise and rest along with proper food and nutrition. Consultation visits with the best vet in Abu Dhabi would give you an idea about the diet patterns you should follow during summer, and the exercises you should give them. The vet would also suggest tests to determine any underlying health problems should they detect that.