One of the main reasons pet owners avoid the vet is stress. Depending on your pet’s comfort level with the trip, visits may be unpleasant for both the animal and the owner.

Pets can be worried patients as well, though. Your fearful pet may even come to enjoy going to the vet with some helpful tools, preparation, and desensitisation.

  • Positive Reinforcement

Bring your pet to our veterinary hospital in Sharjah , Abu Dhabi or Dubai were you will receive a welcoming visits. We make sure pets will have visits to the vet with pleasant memories.

  • Transportation

It’s crucial to think carefully about your plan for getting your pet to the vet. The safest and most secure method to bring your pet to the veterinarian, especially for cats, is in a carrier. By doing this, any incidents on the road and, in particular, at the reception, where other animals may be present, are avoided. Also, make sure your pet is comfortable with the car’s interior temperature.

  • Schedule the Appointment Earlier

The typical day of a veterinarian rarely goes as planned. Exams for general health may reveal problems that require additional diagnostic testing, while emergencies may call for urgent care. The likelihood that your pet’s appointment will be delayed increases with the time of day.

To prevent having to wait any longer than is required, for an appointment prior. Offer Treats

Bring your child’s favourite sweets instead to reward excellent conduct and keep them occupied through procedures.

As your pet is being checked, while the veterinarian staff is handling them, and when you leave the Clinic, give them treats to able to decrease their stress.

  • Bring a Favourite Toy

A pet can be consoled by a beloved toy, just like a young child who adores her doll. During your visit in the Canadian veterinary hospital in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or Dubai bring it with you. In fact, anything that has a homey scent will sooth pets.

Bring a pillow or blanket if they don’t have a favourite toy. Some animals take solace in the scent of their owners’ t-shirts or bed linens.

Be a Strong Pet Parent

Are you looking for the best veterinary hospital in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or Dubai? Our experienced team will give instructions and help pet owners to stress calm during the consultation to keep the pet stress free.