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Canadian Veterinary Clinic was founded by animals lovers and supported by passionate in animal care staff. It started as a primary clinic in October,2013 and now upgraded to comprehensive veterinary clinic.

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Welcome to Canadian VC

Canadian Veterinary Clinic was founded by animals lovers and supported by passionate in animal care staff. It started as a primary clinic in October,2013 and now upgraded to comprehensive veterinary clinic.

We provide routine veterinary care and services like deworming, vaccinations, microchipping, grooming and cleaning. WE offer laboratory services like hematology blood test ,blood biochemistry, cytology and rapid viral tests . WE also offer routine surgeries in birds , dogs and cats, like abscess removal, caesarian, spay, castration and wound suturing. If your pet needs specialized medical attention we can refer you to highly qualified MRCVS veterinarians. We have a strong connections with MRCVS qualified Veterinarians.

We have a charity program with tray cats and dogs . We have a strong cooperation with the community serving the stray cats on trap spay and neuter release program.We are passionate in caring for all animals because we believe if we care for them, we care also for ourselves, our family and the future generations.

Canadian Veterinary Clinic Abudhabi providing high valuable services for your pets. We’ve worked really hard to streamline our services so that we can offer the highest levels of veterinary care at an affordable price. With Canadian VC you don’t need to compromise on the care of your pet.

Every aspect of our business was conceived from the practical, real-world needs of the customers and pets that we see in our clinics every day.We believe that good veterinary treatment is something that everyone should have access to. No other vet offers such high levels of pet care and service for such great value.

WE are a comprehensive veterinary clinic located in Meena Fish and Bird Market. WE are close with Saadiyat, Reem Island and AlMarya. We are supported by qualified veterinarians, assistants, labtechnician and groomer.We strive to maintain a high level of standard of cleanliness and biosecurity. We maintain to be cost effective and problem oriented.Our Vision is to see every Pet reach more than avarage life span and enjoy life. We will try to have a solution to your pet problems. “YOUR PETS, OUR FAMILY”

Canadian veterinary Clinic Abudhabi provides high quality veterinary care at the lowest possible prices. Everything we do is with the goal of making high quality care for your pet affordable, whatever your budget.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide service excellence to our clients at every stage of their interactions with us, with a strong focus on the clinical excellence of our veterinary care. We see ourselves working in partnership with our clients, central to the businesses we work for, and integral to the communities in which we work.  We will grow and prosper by understanding our clients’ needs and working with them to achieve their goals.

Our Values

Our Values are the core principles we believe in. We have worked hard to develop these in consultation with our whole management team.We strive for clinical and professional EXCELLENCE to deliver exceptional service to our clients, from answering the phone through to advice and treatment. We aim to always meet or exceed your expectations, and welcome your feedback. We believe in the power of TEAMWORK, with every member of our team.

Our History

Canadian Veterinary Clinic was established by friends who are animal lovers, animal enthusiasts and businessmen. It started its construction in June 2013. The first founding veterinarian was Dr. Sheila Cantoria Jamora and still serving with the team. She arrived in the clinic in October, 2013. She has wide experience as a Veterinary doctor and a graduate of one of the prestigious University in the Philippines.

Mobile Grooming Van

Canadian Veterinary Clinic providing Mobile Grooming Van to serve you easy and convenient. We understand that your pet is an important member of your family and as such we strive to make the experience a safe, relaxing and convenient experience for both you and your pets.  All our treatments take place in a fully equipped, state-of-the-art mobile grooming van parked right outside your home, so no more trips to the salon!

You can just need to make a call only – 02 6777631 or 056 6204446

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